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Doxx is an online hub and digital outpost for and featuring women documentarians—-a designated and creative place for their stories, work, and thoughts. We operate under the ethic that representing female-made media is a necessary resource for film creators and consumers.


We highlight filmmakers who are motivated by the complexity of real life and committed to telling new kinds of stories. They are the fierce truth tellers, the ground shakers, the quiet listeners, and the irreverent comedians.


We call ourselves a digital outpost because we’re building out-of-bounds, in unconventional topography. We’re generating hospitable space for women by rallying a cult of observers, makers, and viewers. After all, community is power. Part of our power is our past, so we’re paying attention to our foremothers, too—-legends from the field who came before us, and paved the way.


The xx in Doxx is a chromosomal nod, but it’s a symbol of unity and power and not biologically mandatory.